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Check-in Cards


Check-in with 45 cards to meet your inner wisdom

Check-in Cards provides you the tools to have a true and real conversation with yourself. By asking yourself the right questions, you are invited to truly listen to yourself and add new dimensions to your awareness. Save yourself hours of reading, studying and searching and let the maps be your guide to stay tuned in every day life.


The 45 beautiful art cards with clear and deep questions on the back do the trick. For all occasions and moments in your life. Advice yourself by checking-in. Let de questions on the cards guide you. A precious and meaningful gift (designed by my favourite Dutch artist Anne Olde Kalter) Jurianne Matter
I am super happy with the Check-in Cards. It’s maybe the best present I have ever given myself in the field of personal growth and development. It is truly a great product you have developed! Denice Mulder
Truly recommendable. Beautifully designed, strong content and very impactful. It can be used in various ways. I have been experimenting with the cards for the past few weeks and it always yields something beautiful. For myself, as a coaching tool or as an intermezzo during meetings Eveline Horbach (senior coach, trainer, haptotherapist)
What a super cool set of cards. I have looked at each of them carefully. The colors, images and the flow of words and questions ... and they even feel soft. I can recommend them to everyone. Karin Sturkenboom (senior coach, trainer at Phoenix)
So nice to grab a card The Check-in Cards speak the language of beauty, they are thát beautiful. And that’s precisely the language that usually immediately enraptures your heart and brings you into contact with your inner wisdom when I get stuck. It gives me inspiration and helps me to ask those questions so that I can see a different perspective that I myself cannot reach at that moment. Karlijn Visser (Holistik)
The Check-in Cards work! The content is very profound and hold up a mirror that is valuable to look into. They are truly beautiful designed. Everything has been really thought through. Julika Marijn (writer for Happinez, speaker, actor and trainer)
Beautiful set cards that make you think. Questions that encourage good conversations. With yourself and others Jitske Kramer (anthropologist, speaker, trainer en author)
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Checking-in with yourself is something we never really learned. It is a challenge to look beyond the surface of our life and ask ourselves the right questions. Check-in Cards offers concrete tools for this. By checking in you tap into your inner wisdom, you add new dimensions to your awareness and you navigate to a deeper connection with yourself.


In line with your feelings, you choose one of the 45 theme cards very specifically. By checking in with yourself regularly, you will experience more influence on your own state of mind, perspective, communication and actions. “Pro-active people carry their own weather with them”. That’s how you can look at this set of cards.

The difference with intuitively drawing a card, which can also work nicely, is that by consciously selecting a card you already take a first step to look inside.


Each check-in takes you through a unique flow to the direct experience within yourself. When you pick up a card, you choose to really take a look inside. We help you to ask yourself the right questions at the right time, so that you address your inner wisdom and answers come to you naturally.


As long as you live there will always be moments/times when you get out of balance. Growth often involves expanding your comfort zone, experiencing discomfort, stretching your mind and increasing awareness. Check-in Cards has been developed for all those moments when you encounter something within yourself, whether or not triggered by an outside situation.

Of course you can also check in with yourself without reason. Purely from the need for alignment, stillness, inspiration or awareness.


Check-in Cards is first and foremost a meaningful gift (for individual use), for anyone with an interest in personal development.


In addition, the card deck is also often used during:

Yoga classes & retreats where teachers incorporate the check-ins into their class / program.

Coach programs where coaches use the card deck as a guideline during a program or to explore a specific theme. The cards also work perfectly as an intermediate assignment.

Workshops, intervisions & training where the cards are used as a reflection and journal component


The Check-in Cards are also used by couples, friends and family members who want to have meaningful conversations. Everyone chooses a card (for themselves or for each other;), whereby the answers are exchanged with each other.



There are several ways to use the 45 different cards.

  • Select a relevant card related to any specific situation whereby you feel the need for support, clarity or inspiration.
  • Alternately, you can also bring wisdom and awareness to your daily life when there is no specific issue. Just select one of the eight main check-in cards, or pick a theme that resonates with your current mood.
  • If there is a bigger or recurring issue at hand in your current life? Select one or several cards to use repeatedly during a set period of time. Writing out a card helps reinforce it.


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